About Us

Management Philosophy

AnyPower Hydraulic Industry Co., Ltd., established in 1988, it’s a professional
hyraulic system design and manufacturing company.

Responsible for R&D, design, assembly and marketing.
With stable quality, we have joined Victor Taichung Machinery, YMC, AWEA Mechantronic,
and many Taiwanese high-quality machinery companies as suppliers.

AnyPower entered Japanese market in 2010. We participated in the JIMTOF Japan International Machine Tool Fair, and was used by well-known machinery factories. We actively develop overseas users, and now we are actively promoting a new product, an energy-saving servo hydraulic system.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "no service is the best service.", we produce high-quality products and achieve the record of “no service”.

CNC mechanical hydraulic system design and manufacturing
  1. CNC lathe hydraulic system
  2. Vertical and horizontal machining center hydraulic system
  3. Sliding head and fixed head CNC lathe hydraulic system
  4. Surface grinding hydraulic system
  5. Five faces mill machining center
  6. The forth and the fifth spindle hydraulic system
  7. Clamping hydraulic system


Company History

  • 1988- SUNYATA Hydraulic Co., Ltd. Founded
  • 1989- Supplier of Joen-Lih Co., Ltd.
  • 1989- OEM of KURODA, Taiwan
  • 1990- OEM of AMADA, Taiwan
  • 1992- Supplier of Victor Taichung Machinery Work Co., Ltd. (OR)
  • 1994- Supplier of AWEA Co., Ltd.
  • 2001- SUNYATA changed name to ANYPOWER Hydraulic Co., Ltd.
  • 2001- Supplier of GOODWAY Co., Ltd.
  • 2003- Supplier of Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. (YCM)
  • 2006- Supplier of Long Chang Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • 2007- Supplier of ALEX-TECH Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. (YCM)
  • 2009- Supplier of Campro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • 2010- Supplier of Yamazaki Mazak Corporation
  • 2014- Supplier of Paichi Co., Ltd.
  • 2015- Supplier of Chiah Chyun Machinery Co., Ltd.